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Movin' On Up

Comic #117

Author's Comment

Wanted to throw some demented support to our Mo Bros taking part in Movember. Don't know what Movember is, you say?! Why, it's only a means for fellas the world over to sprout themselves some lip pubes all in the name of raisin' money for mens health... and lookin' manly in the process! You can check out more at http://us.movember.com/ and, if you're taking part, let us know!

Uploaded by Brent at 22:11 on 05 November


Our little Jpeg is becoming a Gif.

Gravatar Posted 21:35
Mon 10 September
by Brent

Episode #101 is our first motion comic. Andy created it with futuristic space-age GIF technology. Impressive, eh?

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